Inequalities within Russia


This map is very representative of how a potential superpower such as Russia is actually very unequal and relies too much on the oil industry. However, such a map can be very limited in the information it gives if it doesn’t show the name of regions or the main cities, and doesn’t tell us the origin of the wealth. If we don’t know where Moscow is, we may not understand why there is a black dot in the middle of a lighter zone, or why two whole regions are completely black, although the pattern of darker regions around the sea can hint that the wealth comes from petrol.

Other maps giving us just that (region names, origin of wealth) can be found, but it could also be concentrated in one single map for a more useful purpose.

This map indicates that Russia should redistribute his wealth better, and be more productive in new sectors of activity. Finally, it also tells us that the people’s living conditions will vary greatly from one region to another, and is thus linked to our theme.


If you want to go back to the global scale to see how equally wealth is actually redistributed around the world, check out this map, you’ll be surprised to see the USA is on the same level than Russia.


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