Freedom of press

 This map shows how freely opinions can actually be expressed, and how much backlash there can be. Even in countries such as France and the UK, where one would consider the population to be completely free, the situation is only satisfactory meaning the press is not completely free, and it really makes us think. Why is it not? This is the map’s major flaw; it doesn’t define what the different degrees of situation mean: what is the difference between a satisfactory and good situation, for example? If we want to learn more, we have to look for it ourselves.

A plausible answer for France’s situation could be that it is not good enough because of how much control and influence companies and private people have over the press.

Freedom of press and freedom of citizens are closely intertwined: if the press is unable to express their opinions freely, especially should they be against the government, then the people will likely not possess the freedom to do so either.



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